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Volume 27
An Adipocentric View of Liver Fibrosis and Cirrhosis.
Jiin-Haur Chuang, MD; Pei-Wen Wang, MD; Min-Hong Tai, PhD
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The Significance of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Antibody, Antigen 60 IgG in Patients with Abnormal Chest Radiography.
Huang-Pin Wu, MD; Wen-Bin Shieh, MD; Fang-Keui Hsien, AHN; Chung-Ching Hua, MD
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Efficacy and Adverse Effects of Patient-Controlled Epidural or Intravenous Analgesia after Major Surgery.
Yun-Hui Teng, MD; Jenkin S. Hu, MD; Shen-Kou Tsai, MD, PhD; Chinsan Liew, MD;
Ping-Wing Lui, MD, PhD
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Early Predict the Outcomes of Refractive Accommodative Esotropia by Initial Presentations.
Hui-Chun Lai, MD; Henry Shen-Lih Chen, MD; Yeong-Fong Chen, MD;
Yih-Shien Chiang; Meng-Ling Yang, MD
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Analysis of the Health Status of Foreign Brides in A Community Hospital in Taipei County.
Hua-Yu Wu, MD; Fu-Hsiung Su, BMBS; Shu-Chen Liu, MD; Kai-Yang Sung, MD,
Hong-Jer Chang, PhD; Yi-Hui Liu, BA
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Posterior Decompression and Stabilization for Metastatic Spine Diseases.
Lih-Huei Chen, MD; Chi-Chien Niu, MD; Tsai-Sheng Fu, MD; Po-Liang Lai, MD;
Chak-Bor Wong, MD; Wen-Jer Chen, MD
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CON Esthetic Restoration of Infra-Occluded Retained Primary Mandibular Incisors with All-Ceramic Crowns in Adult Dentition.
Kuang-Wei Hsu, DDS; Yu-Fu Shen, DDS
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A Social Skills Training Program for Preschool Children with Attention-
Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.
Chia-Chen Chang, MS; Kuo-Su Tsou, MD; Winston W. Shen, MD;
Ching-Ching Wong, MD; Chia-Chen Chao, PhD
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Paranasal Sinus Involvement in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.
Bo-Hung Chang, MD; Ying-Lin Chen, MD; Ta-Jen Lee, MD; Li-Ang Lee, MD;
Shuen-Kuei Liao, PhD
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A Solitary Laryngeal Neurofibroma in A Pediatric Patient.
Yi-Wei Chen, MD; Tuan-Jen Fang, MD; Hsueh-Yu Li, MD
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